Giving Back

A few of the ways our team give back to the community

At Premium Fence, it’s part of the culture-sharing, care and gratitude.  You’ll often find us on the weekends and evenings donating equipment materials and hours.  As we go through life, we’re never too busy to give. We seek to surround ourselves with clients, vendors and team members that share these basic beliefs, that live for a greater cause, that pause to help the weaker, and encourage those that are falling behind and remember that there’s more to life than just the project.

Some of our favourite charities

White Rock Rotary Club Serving Station

Premium Fence was approached by Rheanna Sidhu, a White Rock Rotary Club member, asking if we could provide a prefabricated shed at a discounted rate. Instead we offered to build a custom shed that would better suit their needs. Premium Fence and one of our suppliers Poco Building Supplies shared the cost of the materials and Premium asked a few employees to volunteer a bit of their time Both companies shared the costs involved and donated the final product to the Club.

The shed was completed over a two-day period. By two teams of five volunteers who donated their time on the mornings of July 17th and 18th. The first team, lead by project manager Sam Clare, completed the foundation, floor, and walls. The next day project manager Marc Neufeld and his team completed the remainder of the work.

The shed will be used to provide meals for the homeless and others struggling economically due to COVID-19. It will continue to be used in Rotary Club events and programs after the pandemic.

Poco Building Supply:

White Rock Rotary Club:

Peace Arch News article:



Surrey Memorial Hospital

We support the Surrey Memorial neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) as it made a huge impact our Project Manager Jimi’s life; duly affecting our team. His little baby girl was born with Meconium Aspiration, a critical breathing condition. He recounts his experience…..”On May 3rd, 2015, our daughter Eden was born at Peace Arch Hospital. We didn’t even get to hold our baby before daddy and baby were sent off in an ambulance to the Surrey NICU. Upon arrival we had the best care possible, our daughter was safely monitored in her private room, the staff truly cared about every aspect possible. They even set us up in the Ronald McDonald house so that we could stay close to our baby. And through the hard work and dedication of the doctors and nurses our daughter got a clean bill of health and was released later that month. I cannot thank the staff enough!!!!”

Royal Columbian

Our Project Manager Martin also had a similar experience with the Royal Columbian NICU:

“My wife developed preeclampsia at 28 week of pregnancy and fetal growth scan reveal no significant growth in the last 2 weeks meaning emergency c-section was required. Our daughter’s weight at birth was 0.965 kg. It was a very very scary and stressful situation but thanks to God, the wonderful doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, other specialists and medical advances at RCH NICU our daughter is now 2yr-8 month old and very healthy. Having your child in NICU is a tough journey but the staff made it easier providing the care and support we needed. They are like family; they comforted us when we cried, taught us how to take care of our child and celebrated every milestone. We will always be grateful for their dedication every single day in looking after our daughter.”

Rapid Relief Team

Every day in some small way, RRT volunteers offer a helping hand to those in need. Over time, we’ve channeled our support efforts into four key areas: youth, emergency services, homelessness, health and disability. The Rapid Relief Team provides warm meals to a variety of America’s charities as a modest gesture of support. From planned menus at larger charity events, to setting up catering camps on the fringe of America’s natural disasters – our volunteers are accredited and trained to provide a quality food service when needed.

Sterling Education

Sterling Education is a school system of excellence, comprised of 38 private schools located across North America and the Caribbean. Their culture values and nurtures a growth mindset which inspires continual innovation and facilitates the development of self-directed, life-long learners. A large percentage of our Premium employees completed their education at the Abbotsford Campus and for this reason we show our gratitude and support in view of preservation and growth for the upcoming generation.

MS Walk Charity Fund

A wife of our Project Manager was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) a few years ago and we wanted show our care and support (small though it be). All funds contributed are invested into research to find the cause and cure for the disease, while providing services to those with the disease and their families.

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