Our Sustainability

Our Sustainability

Sustainability at Premium Fence Company
As a leading provider of fencing solutions, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. At Premium Fence, we understand the vital role that quality materials, responsible practices, and durable products play in minimizing our ecological footprint while enhancing the longevity of your fencing investments.

From vinyl and wood to aluminum, our range of products is designed with sustainability in mind. Explore how we’re committed to eco-friendly practices and durable, long-lasting fences that contribute to a greener future.

At Premium Fence, we prioritize environmental responsibility in our business. That’s why we’re proud to say that all our fencing products are 100% recyclable. We’re proud to achieve a remarkable 98% recycle rate from our sites, ensuring minimal waste and a greener approach to our operations.

We care about sustainability from start to finish. Our fencing lasts long and reduces waste. When you choose our products, you’re supporting recycling and less waste, while still getting great-looking, functional fences that you can feel good about.

Wood Fencing
As a leading wood fencing company, we prioritize eco-friendly practices. Our wood fences are crafted from responsibly sourced timber, promoting renewable resources and minimizing carbon emissions. With our wood fences, customers can trust they’re choosing an environmentally conscious option that enhances their property while reducing their ecological footprint.”

Durability Sustainability
Our vinyl and aluminum fences are designed with durability and sustainability in mind, offering a lasting solution that outperforms traditional materials such as wood. With a lifespan of 2-3 times longer than wood fencing, our vinyl products significantly reduce the frequency of replacements, thereby minimizing the need to harvest trees and preserving natural resources.

By choosing our vinyl fences, customers not only enjoy unparalleled longevity and low maintenance but also make a conscious environmental choice, contributing to the preservation of forests and reducing their carbon footprint.

Sustainable PVC Vinyl Fencing
PVC building products have numerous energy and environmental benefits. Since the late 1980s, more than 20 life-cycle evaluations have been completed on PVC building products, many of them comparing those products to similar products made of other materials. PVC products were found to perform favourably in terms of energy efficiency, thermal-insulating value and low contribution to greenhouse gases and product durability, which means using fewer resources.

Energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
PVC saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions. PVC takes less energy to produce than many competing products, and 20 percent less than other plastics. PVC also saves fossil fuels. Its principal raw material (nearly 60 percent) is chlorine derived from common salt. PVC building products are highly energy-efficient.

PVC building products are highly durable, which conserves resources. They will not rot or corrode like many other materials and do not need cleaning with harsh chemicals or frequent painting. PVC’s durability is an important environmental benefit because the longer a product lasts, the less energy and other resources must be expended to make and install replacement products. PVC also conserves energy in manufacture and more importantly, in use.

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