Budgeting for a Fence

Budgeting for a Strata Fence Installation in BC

Is your BC strata considering a fence replacement in the near future? 

You may be wondering what are the budgeting options for paying for an expense of this nature.

Living in a strata community in British Columbia comes with lots of benefits, but it also means sharing responsibilities and expenses for the upkeep of common areas. Some significant expenses (outside of the regular maintenance expenses) that strata corporations may encounter is the installation of a new roof, window replacement, exterior painting or new fencing. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the unique considerations and legal aspects of budgeting for a strata fence installation in British Columbia.

Understanding Strata Budgeting in BC:

The Contingency Reserve Fund: Strata corporations in BC are required by law to establish and maintain a Contingency Reserve Fund (CRF). The CRF is designed to cover unexpected or major repair and replacement costs, like fence installations. Understanding how much is available in the CRF is a critical starting point for budgeting.

Conduct a Fence Assessment:

Professional Assessment: Consider hiring a professional to assess the condition of your existing fence, if applicable. They can help determine if it’s time for a replacement and provide budget cost estimates based on the strata’s needs. 

Legal Considerations:

Bylaws and Strata Council Approval: Review your strata’s bylaws regarding fence installations. Stratas typically require approval from the strata council and sometimes a special resolution passed by the owners. Understand the legal process to avoid complications down the road.

Budgeting Tips:

Long-Term Planning: Strata corporations should engage in long-term financial planning. This includes assessing the expected lifespan of your fence and planning for its eventual replacement.

Multiple Quotes: Always obtain multiple quotes from reputable fence contractors. This ensures competitive pricing and quality workmanship.

Inflation and Contingencies: Factor in inflation and potential contingencies in your budget. Construction costs can fluctuate, and unforeseen issues may arise during the installation process.

Financing Options:

Utilizing the CRF: Strata corporations can use funds from the Contingency Reserve Fund for fence installations. However, it may require approval from the owners, depending on the amount.

Special Levies: If the CRF is insufficient, strata corporations may consider imposing a special levy on owners to cover the cost of the fence installation. This should be done in accordance with the Strata Property Act and your strata’s bylaws.

Financing Partners: Explore financing options and partnerships with local financial institutions that specialize in strata property financing.

strata communication

Communication and Transparency:

Engage with Owners: Effective communication with strata owners is crucial. Keep them informed about the need for a fence replacement, the budgeting process, and the financial implications.

Additional Budgeting Tips:

As you are considering a large-scale fence replacement project for your strata but are still falling short of doing the entire project, consider asking the fence contractors if you can break the project into phases so you can complete it over several months or years.

Also, ask about the different product offerings, is there a different product choice that is cheaper and can give you just as good value or lifetime?


Budgeting for a strata fence installation in British Columbia involves careful planning, adherence to legal requirements, and transparent communication with strata owners. 

By understanding the unique considerations specific to BC strata communities, you can ensure a successful and financially sound fence installation project that enhances the beauty and functionality of your shared spaces. Remember to consult with legal and financial professionals to navigate the intricacies of strata budgeting effectively.

If you are ready to start the fence replacement process for your strata and would like to support, call or fill out our inquiry form to get a free quote today!

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