Case Study: Cedar Fence Installation at Timberwood Village

Introducing our latest case study: Cedar Fence Installation at Timberwood Village Strata. Witness how the installation of our custom-built cedar fences revitalized the community landscape, bringing satisfaction to the residents of Richmond, BC.

Cedar Fence Case Study Richmond Strata

Strata Project Overview:

Location: Timberwood Village, 6880 Lucas Rd, Richmond, BC
Client: Timberwood Village Strata
Number of Units: 96

Project Details:

Fence Type: Western Red Cedar
Fence Design: Horizontal privacy fence with horizontal lattice
Total Linear Feet Installed: 9,355
Approximate Total Cost per Owner: $5,500
Timeline: Completed in 2.5 months

Customer Testimonial:

 “GO EVERYONE!!! I just wanted to tell you all how wonderful your crews are! I have homeowners stopping most council members, excited about the pace and the fences. As well, they often tell us how wonderful everyone is, so polite, so friendly are things I often hear! We are so very happy with the progress and the work being done onsite! Thanks again!”

Scroll through the project images to see how beautiful the fence looks!

Solution Provided:

  • Custom-built cedar fences with a unique horizontal design, offering a modern aesthetic.
  • Scope included the removal of the old fence.
  • Utilized a horizontal privacy fence with horizontal lattice top, reducing material usage and cost per owner while maintaining an attractive appearance.

Execution and Implementation:

  • Accommodated special requests from residents for custom-built add-ons.
  • Collaborated closely with the strata council to ensure smooth communication and notification to all residents.
  • Premium fence crews worked efficiently in small areas to minimize disruption and ensure resident safety.

Results and Benefits:

  • The project was completed within budget and ahead of schedule, providing cost-effective solutions for each owner.
  • Strata Residents expressed high satisfaction with the pace of work and the quality of the fences.
  • The unique design and careful execution enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal of the strata.

This case study demonstrates how our strata fence installation services provided cost-effective solutions, exceptional quality, and high resident satisfaction for the Timberwood Village Strata in Richmond, BC.

If you are ready to start the fence replacement process for your strata and would like to support, call or fill out our inquiry form to get a free quote today!

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