Case Study: Concrete Retaining Wall Installation at Langley Strata

Introducing our latest case study: Concrete Retaining Wall and Vinyl Fence Installation at Summerfield Strata in Langley.

Experience the transformation of the existing landscape of Strata as we enhanced safety and aesthetics with the installation of a sturdy concrete retaining wall and white vinyl fence. Making it a safer place for the families in the summerfield strata.

Concrete Retaining wall and vinyl fence installation

Strata Project Overview:

Location: LMS 1821 – 20751 87 Ave, Langley
Client: Summerfield Strata Residents
Number of Units: 78

Project Details:

Fence Type: Concrete retaining wall and vinyl fence installation
Fence Design: White vinyl privacy fence. Estateline Lakeland 
Total Linear Feet Installed: 1,261
Timeline: Completed 1.5 months

Customer Testimonial:

 “Sergio is amazing! Several owners are going out of their way to tell me how impressed they are with the workers and how beautiful the wall looks.”

Scroll through the project images below to see the work in progress transformations.

Solution Provided:

  • A custom-designed concrete block retaining wall and vinyl fence installation, ensuring longevity and safety.
  • Scope encompassed the removal of the deteriorating timber retaining wall.
  • Implemented a robust concrete block retaining wall complemented by a vinyl fence for enhanced durability and aesthetic appeal.

Execution and Implementation:

  • Accommodated residents’ specific requests for custom features.
  • Maintained close collaboration with the strata council for effective communication and resident notification.
  • Deployed skilled crews proficiently in limited spaces to minimize disruption and prioritize resident safety.

Results and Benefits:

  • The project was completed within budget and exceeded timeline expectations, offering cost-effective solutions to each resident.
  • Strata residents expressed high satisfaction with the efficiency and quality of the installation.
  • The combination of the concrete block retaining wall and vinyl fence not only ensured safety but also elevated the overall visual appeal of the strata.

This case study demonstrates how our strata fence installation services provided cost-effective solutions, exceptional quality, and high resident satisfaction for the Summerfield Strata in Langley, BC.

If you are ready to start the fence replacement process for your strata and would like to support, call or fill out our inquiry form to get a free quote today!

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