Case Study: Vinyl Fence Installation for Surrey Strata

Introducing our latest case study: Case Study: Vinyl Fence Installation for Surrey Strata at Clayton Uptown 2.

Strata Project Overview:

Location: BCS4218– 19525 73 Ave, Surrey, BC
Client: Clayton Uptown 2
Number of Units: 156

Project Details:

Fence Type: Vinyl fence installation
Fence Design: Adobe Embossed Lakeland Fence
Total Linear Feet Installed: 1,161
Timeline: 8 weeks

Scroll through the project images below to see the transformations.

Client Background:
In a strata community overseen by Quay Pacific, a worn-out cedar fence cried out for renewal. Its weathered appearance no longer reflected the vibrant spirit of the neighborhood.

Initial Contact and Consultation:
Premium Fence swiftly responded to the council’s call for change. They assessed the site, listening attentively to the council’s concerns about the aging fence’s maintenance challenges.

Recommendations and Quotation:
Premium Fence proposed vinyl fencing as a durable, low-maintenance solution. They presented a detailed quote, including samples of adobe-colored vinyl with an embossed woodgrain texture.

Material and Color Selection:
The council chose vinyl fencing in adobe color for its compatibility with the surroundings. Opting for the embossed woodgrain texture ensured durability and easy concealment of wear and tear.

Installation and Completion:
Premium Fence efficiently scheduled and completed the installation, minimizing disruption to community activities.

Transformation and Results:
The before-and-after photos showcased the remarkable transformation from the dilapidated cedar fence to the sleek, modern vinyl solution. The upgrade not only addressed maintenance concerns but also revitalized the community’s aesthetic appeal.

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