Cedar Fence FAQ

What’s the main advantage of choosing a cedar fence?

  • In a word: Familiarity. We’ve all grown up in a world of wood decks, fences, picnic tables, and furniture, and there’s a comfort level in sticking with what we know.

What makes Premium wood fences different?

  • Being BC’s leading fence Installation Company, Premium Fence offers the largest selection of wood fence styles and systems available anywhere, matching different lumbers to different budgets.
  • We design every wood fence we sell so that they will present perfectly balanced at the right sizes and proportions for their surroundings. Ask us about our Unique Cambridge Flow-Thru fence system!
  • We also have a wide variety of choices for gate hardware and fence accessories.

What type of wood is best for my fence?

  • Western Red Cedar has always been our Wood of Choice for fences. With its natural oils it will hold up the longest in our BC climate, and you can’t beat its unique character and beauty.
  • In our wet BC climate, it is best to use Pressure treated hemlock or Fir materials for posts and bottom rails, as Cedar will rot if it is in contact with the ground. A well-built wood fence will last 25-30 years.

Is it best to stain my cedar fence?

  • YES. Although Western Red Cedar will weather over time to a silver gray color that might be appealing for some, we believe that applying some kind of protective oil-based finish provides the best long-term results both from an aesthetic and performance point of view.
  • For Pressure Treated Lumber effective water repellants will retard the impact of moisture in the wood and, thereby, help reduce splitting, cracking and twisting that is common with these types of wood.
  • Premium Fence Company does offer pre-staining options for most of our wood products, ask a Project Consultant for details.

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