Cedar, Aluminum & Vinyl Fencing in Langley BC

Fencing for Langley Builders, Homeowners and Strata Corporations.

Welcome to Langley, the fastest growing community in the Lower Mainland. At Premium Fence, we frequently get asked what is the best fence to install in Langley BC, so in this article we’ll try and explain.

The City and Township of Langley was once associated with a quiet farming community that was on the verge of becoming the hub of the South Fraser Valley, is now gaining popularity at a rapid rate.

Between 2011 and 2016, the population grew by an astonishing 12.6 percent, making it the fastest growing city in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

From condos and townhomes to single detached houses, the growth of both Langley City and Langley Township has quickly established itself as the center of the Fraser Valley.

Fencing Options for Langley

With any city and new growth, comes new development and we at Premium Fence Company are here to ensure that fencing will not only stand the test of time and weather but will also enhance landscaping for added property value.

British Columbia is known for its rugged beauty and equally rugged weather. Langley City and Langley Township, has an average of 1300mm of rainfall annually and with temperatures that can fluctuate between below zero and plus 30 degrees Celsius, having the right type of fencing is imperative.

The natural beauty of cedar fencing makes it remain the most popular, however in this climate it requires more maintenance than any other fence type. Vinyl, aluminum and various steel fence options are gaining traction here in Langley and we sincerely recommend these alternatives for our moist climate!

Cedar Fencing in Langley BC

Cedar Fencing at a Langley, BC Residence

Langley climate and effects on cedar fencing

Regarding the wet climate of the Fraser valley, when choosing cedar fencing in Langley strata developments and homes, we recommend our Cambridge ‘Flow-Thru’ design which allows rain and moisture to exit the base of the cedar fence panel. This design reduces rot and mold from moisture build-up, and extends the life of your fence.

For more information on choosing a cedar fence in Langley, see our product galleries, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to help.

A Wide-Range of Fence Options for Langley Stratas, Builders, and Homeowners

Premium Fence Company offers many fencing types in materials other than cedar.

vinyl fence styles

Vinyl Fencing

All the popular fence styles are available in Vinyl. With four colour options and two woodgrain textures, this maintenance free fence is the primary choice at most stratas.

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Cedar Fencing

Wood is the most versatile material. Create a modern horizontal, traditional picket, or timeless overlap style fence with beautiful western red cedar, and protect it with a rich oil stain.

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Aluminum Fencing

Traditionally, aluminum is only used for picket style fences and railings. We love this adaptable and rust-free material and make modern horizontal slat and privacy fences.

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Eco Friendly Composite Fence Material

Composite Fencing

These luxurious privacy fences will last a lifetime. Trex eco-friendly wood-composite fencing looks just like painted wood, and Simtek moulded polyethylene panels often pass for concrete!

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Galvanized Steel Fencing

Galvanized steel is a popular and affordable material used for constructing fences, whether you’re trying to achieve privacy or security. Combine steel and stained cedar for a unique look.

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Concrete Fencing

The ultimate fence for noise reduction. Our modular concrete fences are available in a woodgrain pattern or stacked stone look, and can be sealed or stained any colour.

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Wood Retaining Walls

Retaining walls constructed from pressure treated lumber are usually the most affordable, and can be integrated with a fence or built as a stand alone wall beside the fence.

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Concrete Block Retaining Walls

The retaining wall that you will never have to replace. With Allan Block certified installers, we’ll professionally install concrete block retaining walls of any size.

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