Dog Run Fence – The Ultimate Guide

Building the Ultimate Dog Run Fence

Premium Fence knows that pets are a part of our families. Having a secure place that is stimulating and safe for your dog is just as important as having a reliably built dog run fence.

If you happen to do a lot of outdoor entertaining, if your dog happens to be an escape artist, or a digger and you want to protect the vegetable and flower gardens, planning the perfect dog run not only gives peace of mind to your family but allows your dog to have fun and feel protected in their very own space.

It takes some planning to create the perfect dog run and here at Premium Fence, our fencing experts are always here to help. We love all pets!

Choosing the Perfect Spot:

Choosing the perfect spot is the number one priority. You want a spot that is close enough to check on your dog from time to time, but also large enough so your dog can run freely, explore and have some fun.

Consider choosing a spot that is partially shaded. Those hot summer days can be especially hard if you’re wearing a fur coat. A nice cool shady spot is the perfect way that your dog can cool down and take long leisurely naps. If you don’t have a shady spot, consider a doghouse, patio umbrella or another type of cover.

Picking a large enough space for your Dog Run:

You should pick the largest spot possible, especially if your dog will be spending a lot of time there. A good rule of thumb is to choose a space that is about twice as wide and about 5 times as long as the length of your dog.

Also take into consideration the drainage of your dog run. Here in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, we are not short on our share of rainy days and while your dog may love the water, standing in puddles all the time may not so fun. 

Selecting your Design:

Is your dog a digger? Maybe yours is a master escape artist. These are just a few things to consider when designing your dog run.

If your dog loves to dig, consider burying a few extra feet of chicken wire underneath problematic digging areas underneath your fence.

If your dog manages to jump over fences, ensure that your fencing is high enough that your dog stays where they should instead of out exploring the neighborhood.

Dog Run Fencing:

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right type of fencing for your dog run. The Premium Fencing experts are here to help you pick the right one.

Chain link fencing is the most popular and economic but not always the most attractive and if your dog is a climber and jumper, this may not always be the most viable option.

Vinyl and cedar fencing are long-lasting and attractive options. There are a few things to consider when choosing cedar or vinyl fencing. You want to make sure that the spacing between the fence boards are far enough apart so your dog can see out without them being able to squeeze through.

Vinyl or metal picket fencing not only gives you peace of mind, both options give your yard and dog run a great look. A vinyl or metal dog run fence is easy to maintain, a quick spray with a garden hose will undo any muddy mess that your dog can make.

Whatever design you choose, we here at Premium Fence have your budget and your furry friends’ best interest at the heart of your project. Contact us and one of our customer care team will be happy to help you and your dog be happy and content!

How much does a new fence cost?

Check out our fence cost calculator for a quick estimate and feel free to reach out if you have any questions about your project.

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