How do we help make a Property Managers life easier? A Premium Fence will reduce headaches, resident complaints, arguments with vendors, and long arduous meetings. We always try to go above and beyond here at Premium Fence and we want to serve our clients with care and integrity. Those are two of our four company core values, the other two are continuous improvement and aspiring to be a world-class company every day.

Doing the job right the first time is probably our number one focus. We understand how time-consuming and tedious a full fence replacement can be, but that pales in comparison to doing the job quickly and half-heartedly. You see when all parties come together to select the right product in the proper quantities and agree on installation and deadlines, you end up with a beautiful result. You also end up with a fence that will do its job without the constant need for maintenance and repair.

There is nothing more annoying than noticing or hearing about a fence that is always needing some sort of attention. That can also end up costing strata’s much more money in the long run than just spending a little bit more upfront and selecting the proper product the first time. We value your time and we don’t want any of the property managers we work with being inundated with emails pertaining to fence repairs and constantly having to deal with headaches in the form of resident complaints, arguments with vendors, and long arduous meetings as a result. We understand you are already very busy as it is.

Strata owners and managers have often asked us whether it’s better to use cedar or vinyl for their new fence. Here is a project we are just in the process of completing. We figured you’d find this helpful as many Strata’s throughout the area are looking at replacing their fence this Summer.
Oaklands came to us looking to replace their rotting fence. We quoted these 2 options:
  1. Cedar Fencing came in at $302,102.00
  2. Vinyl Fencing came in at $277,094.00
They chose Vinyl for 3 main reasons.
  1. It costs less upfront.
  2. It didn’t require ongoing attention or re-staining.
  3. The look and feel suited the overall theme of the strata better.
Here is the result.
Vinyl vs Cedar
Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you know a Strata that looks like it’s ready to replace that rotten fence. It’s a headache, it’s a money pit and it’s a giant liability.
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