How to get Graffiti off a Vinyl Fence.


A question we often get here at Premium Fence Company is, “How is our strata supposed to go about removing graffiti from our new vinyl fence?” this is such an inconvenience. We can empathize with how frustrated you and your strata must be. We will be addressing two ways to tackle this problem.


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How your caretaker can remove the Graffiti:


This is a simple process that you can have your caretaker or someone else do. You’ll need dish soap, a bucket, and a sponge. These should be more than enough If the Graffiti is in the form of a marker, chalk, or crayon. If it is in the form of paint, you may need turpentine, lacquer thinner, or mineral spirits.


Spray some dish soap into a bucket, fill it with warm water, water the fence down, and scrub the affected areas with a sponge. Again, if the Graffiti is in paint, you’ll need to add one of the above ingredients (turpentine, lacquer thinner, or mineral spirits) into a new and clean spray bottle. Then spray the affected areas with a good amount of solvent and wipe the fence with a rag. Please ensure that you are only wiping in one direction as scrubbing may spread or smear the Graffiti. Once you have completed this, rinse the fence with your garden hose. If the solvent you used didn’t work, then try another one. Keep repeating the process until the wall is clean.

 How to get Graffiti off a Vinyl Fence.


Who you can call to have it removed for you:


If you only have a small amount of Graffiti on your fence, then your caretaker or another person should be able to remove it using the process outlined above. You may have a large area of your fence that is covered in Graffiti, or your caretaker may have been unsuccessful. In both of these cases, we recommend you call the professionals, Goodbye Graffiti!


Here is a short snippet from their “about” section on their website.

“Goodbye Graffiti™ Inc. was started in Vancouver, Canada, in 1997. We were the first graffiti removal company in North America. After close to two decades, we are now the largest graffiti removal company globally. We have become leading experts in removing Graffiti from any surface anywhere.”


You can call them at 604-574-4747 or reach out to them via the contact form on their website; click here to do so.




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