Cedar Fencing Solutions

Western Red Cedar boasts centuries of proven performance in the sun, rain, heat, and cold. It has a beautiful straight grain, uniform, and vibrant colours that are striking and full of character. Cedar is naturally resistant to warpage, rotting, and decay and is also insect resistant.

A properly built and maintained cedar fence will last 25-30 years in southwestern BC whether it is stained or not. The key factors which increase the lifetime of a cedar fence are as follows:

  • Use pressure treated material for any components in contact with the ground
  • Set posts in concrete, and minimize dirt buildup around posts
  • Ensure there are no water traps or troughs in the fence panel design
  • Use galvanized and/or stainless-steel fasteners
  • Keep the fence clean

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Overlap Flow-Thru Fence System

Our Overlap Flow-Thru Fence System allows water to easily drain and dry out, preventing water build-up and rot or mold caused by trapped moisture. This function cannot be achieved with a prefabricated panel fence.

Cedar Staining Services

With our dedicated in-house staining team, you can have the peace of mind that your project will be scheduled and completed in a professional manner, minimizing overspray, protecting plants and given a proper cleanup job. Scheduling is a bit tricky as it really depends on the weather!

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