Cedar Lattice Top Privacy Fences

In some situations you may want to maximize the height of your fence for security reasons, but don’t want to end up with a closed in feeling. This is where Lattice top fencing provides a decorative backdrop without minimizing the overall privacy of your space. Lattice can be paired with any style of privacy or semi-privacy fence.

We’ve named a few of the popular styles, however there are many variations of lattice… whether it be pointed picket top, or horizontal slat the possibilities are endless. We can always custom design and build the fence to your own unique taste so it stands out in your whole neighborhood.

Lattice Top

A traditional way to build a fence. Choose from square or diagonal lattice – we use heavy duty 1×2” material, not thin lath strips to build our lattice.


Inspired by designs that our vinyl fence manufacturer had, this picket top fence gives added security and a modern twist to lattice top fencing!


A modern horizontal plank lattice. There are many variations of this style; get creative and let us design your very own fence style!

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