Cedar Privacy Fences

A solid Privacy Fence provides a strong physical and visual barrier resulting in the greatest privacy and security. Typically a privacy fence will be installed at 6’ high, which is generally the max fence height in the lower mainland of BC. We specialize in handbuilt fences- these cost a little more than a basic prefab fence, but the following reasons make it clear why we recommend building your fence by hand.

  • Evenly spaced sections-we aren’t limited to the length of a pre made panel-no awkward looking short sections.
  • Sloping fence sections- keep the fence tighter to the ground on steep hills.
  • Flow-thru bottom rail system adds 15 years to the life of a fence.
  • Hand selected materials – no reject materials built into the fence.

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Choose how the planks will sit in your hand-built Cedar Fence. The tongue-and-groove style consists of interlocking boards that provide a smooth and seamless surface. Overlapped boards give a strong visual effect, with added dimension. The square flush-board style is a simple, clean classic giving the best blend of function and economy. There are many ways to build your privacy fence as you can see in the picture gallery here. Here’s a few common types that we’ve found are most popular.

Cambridge Flow-Through

A timeless fence design with overlapping vertical boards and a sandwich style framing system. Our exclusive design gives unparalleled rot protection and moisture drainage, while overlap boards provide extra strength and beauty.


A traditional fence style utilizing interlocking or square cut vertical planks. This is our most economically priced hand-built fence, and can be built by hand onsite, or prefabricated.

Bordeax – Privacy

A Modern fence design which consists of interlocking or square cut boards placed horizontally. There are many variations to this design. Run the boards along the face of the posts for a seamless wall, or mount them in between the posts to make the fence look the same on both sides.

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