Cedar Semi-Privacy Fences

An increasingly popular style of fence, especially on the west coast of BC. Have a look at the picture gallery here – there are no limits to what you can do with a semi-privacy fence. Almost every fence project of this type that we design and build for you has its own custom touch. There is nothing on the prefabricated fence panel market that looks like these styles – strictly a hand-built fence option.

Choose whether the fence has a modern streamlined look with a continuous top rail, or break it up with post caps or lattice! Find a picture that you like, tell us the number and we can build it for you. We can use either rough cut planks or smooth sanded materials… we have access to some of the best cedar fence materials in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

The Bordeaux

A modern style Cedar Fence featuring spaced horizontal slats. There are many variations of this unique design. Give it your own personal touch!


A classic Cedar Fence design featuring vertical slats, spaced apart to allow more light to filter through and give a unique look and feel to your property.


A fence that can be built to look either traditional or modern. Generally, picket fences are built using narrow boards but with wide spaces between them.

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