Fence Staining & Sealing Services

On our fences only

At this point, we only offer our Premium Fence Staining Services on fences that we originally installed.

How it works

With our dedicated in-house staining team, you can have the peace of mind that your project will be scheduled and completed in a professional manner, minimizing overspray, protecting plants and given a proper cleanup job. Scheduling is a bit tricky as it really depends on the weather!

Before staining your new fence, it is crucial that the fence is clean and dry to ensure complete adhesion. We can take care of this at extra cost if required.

If your cedar fence is already starting to fade or go grey, we also have a wood brightening process which brings the original beautiful cedar tone back to life. Click here to see a picture taken while spraying the treatment on.

We offer the longest guarantee in the industry on staining of new wood fences. That is, a 3-year product guarantee combined with a 2-year workmanship guarantee.


The Brand Of Stain

The brand of stain that we use is Wood Defender™ Transparent oil stain. Re-coats are easily done with minimal surface prep needed (unlike film forming stains or paint which will crack, flake and peel).

Wood Defender™

is a commercial grade paraffin oil-based penetrating stain which is also a sealer and preservative. Specifically formulated for harsh climates, VOC-compliant Wood Defender has the right combination of fungicides, mildewcides and UV inhibitors to protect your fence throughout the life of the product.

Wood Defender will help your fence repel water and resist cupping, splitting and warping by adding the necessary oils back into the wood. It has a 5-year design life. This formula utilizes ultra-fine Trans Oxide pigments to highlight and reveal all of the wood grain while staining the fence. Trans Oxide pigments are ground so fine, they are very resistant to UV rays.

Paint vs Stain

We don’t use solid stains or paint on cedar fences, as they drastically reduce the fence lifespan. To learn why, read our blog post here:

Color Options

Transparent Fence Stain is all we apply on new cedar fencing where you are striving to highlight and glorify your beautiful western red cedar. Our most popular transparent stain colours are these two here:

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