Trex Composite Fencing

Trex composite fencing is manufactured with 95% recycled wood and plastics, and reinforced with aluminum inserts. Composite materials are traditionally used for decks and have been proven for decades to outlast wood materials. This fencing system is also made by the same manufacturer of Trex decking.

Like Simtek, the color is not a coating- it is blended throughout the material so there will never be any chipping or cracking.

Natural Color Finishes

Trex Fencing Color Swatch

  • Trex® fencing combines unprecedented performance and aesthetics with lasting beauty, low-maintenance, and durability.
  • Unique interconnecting picket design provides unprecedented strength.
  • Clean, finished appearance on both sides.
  • No structural boards visible inside or out.
  • Whether the goal is privacy, safety, or a stunning garden backdrop, a Trex® fence makes for grateful neighbors indeed.

Trex Features & Benefits

  • No painting or staining required
  • Resists insect damage
  • Won’t warp, rot or splinter
  • Same look on both sides
  • Prebuilt gates off the same look as fencing, providing a seamless finish
  • Trex 25-year residential warranty
  • Wind rating exceeds 110mph
  • It is easily sloped and modified to mach terrain
  • It looks the most like a wood fence - in fact it is very similar to our Cedar Fencing cambridge flow through system!
  • It is the ultimate eco friendly fencing product on the market. Using 95% recycled materials

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