Premium Fence Company’s Annual Charity Project: BC Indigenous Housing Society

At Premium Fence Company, we are committed to community and charity.. This year, for our annual James Fabiszewski Charity Project, we had the honor of donating a cedar privacy fence to the BC Indigenous Housing Society.

The Mission of the BC Indigenous Housing Society
The BC Indigenous Housing Society plays a crucial role in our communities by prioritizing access to attainable housing and support services for Indigenous people, enhancing their sense of community and stability.

Charity nominations
We reached out to our community of customers and property managers asking for charity’s to be nominated for our annual James Fabiszewski project. After reviewing many nominations we chose a charity that aligned with our team’s values; providing basic needs for those less fortunate.

Premium Fence Team builds a fence
On Saturday May 18th, our dedicated team members gathered in downtown Vancouver to bring this project to life. Despite the rainy morning weather, the team worked together to build a top quality cedar privacy fence from western red cedar.

The result was a stunning cedar fence that not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the housing area but also significantly improved its security.

Fostering a culture of giving
Premium Fence is more than just projects; we believe in fostering a culture of giving, caring, and treating everyone equally and kindly. Our work with the BC Indigenous Housing Society is a testament to these values, and we are incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication of our team.

What is James Fabiszewski Charity Project ?

The James Fabiszewski Charity Project is an annual initiative by Premium Fence to honor the memory of James “Jimmy” Fabiszewski, a beloved employee who passed away. Each year, the company builds a fence for a charity, reflecting James’s loving, kind, and giving nature. James truly embodied the values of a Premium Fence employee, and this project allows the team to continue living out these values in his honor.

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