6 Year Structural Warranty

This is the very best wood fence warranty we are aware of in the entire fencing industry.

Please read carefully what our 6-year wood fence structural warranty covers and what it does not cover.

What our 6-year warranty covers:

Material defects that are affecting the fence structurally. We will fix these below structural issues at no cost to you. Regardless of the grade of materials used, or how careful we are when sorting thru our lumber- there will always be some warping and cracking that will occur once it dries out completely, causing these structural issues listed below:

  • Gates not functioning correctly. i.e. jammed shut, dragging on the ground, not latching.
  • Fence Sections or Gates that have fallen out.
  • Fence posts out of plumb by 4” or more as result of excessive warpage.
  • Cracks in the posts that run all the way from top to bottom, or are greater than ½” in width at the widest point.
  • Gaps between rail-ends and posts that are 5/8” or more. (As result of post or rail warpage).

This warranty covers all wood fences installed by PFC using PFC materials. PFC warrants that the structural integrity of our fencing is guaranteed for a period of 6 years, under normal residential conditions, and against structural failure resulting from defects in installation or materials. Various fence materials weather differently, in particular, wood being a natural product is susceptible to occasional shrinking and/or twisting particularly during extended warm, dry spells.

What our 6-year warranty does not cover:

  •  Damage resulting from abnormal use, abuse i.e. climbing/ swinging on gates, neglect or accident.
  • Accelerated rot of wood components due to excessively wet soil conditions.
  • Standard mill marks, gradual discoloration from black mold, fading. and sunshine.
  • Cracking, twisting, warping or shrinking of fence materials that are only affecting the fence aesthetically i.e. causing gaps or minor splinters to appear. Cracks in the panel boards never affect the fence structurally and are not covered.
  • Cracks in posts that are less than 1/2” wide at the widest point.
  • Gaps between rail-ends and posts that are less than 5/8”.
  • Fence posts out of plumb by less than 4”.


* Repair or replacement of damaged sections / pieces, to be performed by PFC.

This Warranty extends exclusively to the original purchaser of the fence and will become void if there is any additional construction done to the fence installed by PFC. The term of this warranty begins on the date of the purchase by the consumer and continues for a period of 6 years. This warranty does not include any instance in which existing materials are used in conjunction with new materials, unless otherwise specified on the original contract.

In the event of a defect in the installation or structural defect in the material, PFC will assess the failure or defect within 10 business days of your request. The remedy will consist of repair or replacement of the defective part, at the warrantor’s discretion. PFC will schedule the work accordingly, depending on client needs.

PFC reserves the right to inspect any damage claim. Before the purchaser is entitled to the remedies referred to herein for breach of warranty, PFC must determine to its satisfaction that the fence was (a) installed by PFC; and (b) a result of a material defect affecting the structural integrity of the fence, and / or a result of improper installation.

To obtain performance of any obligation of this warranty, the purchaser shall:

  • provide pictures, the original contract and a thorough description of the fence issue via email.

Thank you for choosing Premium Fence. We look forward to serving the West coast of BC for many years to come!

Click Here to download and print a copy of this Warranty for your records.

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