Cedar, Aluminum & Vinyl Fencing in Richmond

Welcome to Richmond, a coastal city on Lulu Island. Richmond BC, was designated as a city in 1990. The earliest residents of this area were the Coast Salish bands – they had temporary summer camps on the island, to fish and collect berries. Certain Coast Salish summer camps were located at Garry Point, and Woodward’s Landing, along with the site of the Terra Nova cannery, which had at one time been a Musqueam village.

The Township of Richmond was named by Founding Father John Wesley Sexsmith after his birthplace The Township of Richmond, Lennox County, Ontario. The township of Richmond, British Columbia was incorporated on November 10, 1879. Premium Fence Company actually started in Steveston, where it resided for 24 years.

From condos and town-homes to single family residential homes, Richmond’s housing market has expanded rapidly over the years. This has created increased demand for fencing – not only in cedar, but alternative fence materials such as vinyl, aluminum and steel.

Housing Investment in Richmond: Cedar, Aluminum & Vinyl Fencing Options

Like most growing cities, new growth brings new development and we at Premium Fencing are here to ensure that a new investment in your home will be rewarding and long term. Whether it be a single family residential home, townhome or strata run property, it is important that fencing concerns will not only stand the test of time and weather but will also enhance landscaping aesthetics for added property value.

Richmond’s unique soil conditions due to being a river delta, bring several challenges when it comes to setting fence posts. From peat and clay, to sand, Premium Fence has perfected proper fence installation techniques over the last 35 years. Effectively setting posts in concrete is key to a long lasting fence, whether it is constructed from cedar, vinyl or metal.

Cedar Fencing at Richmond, BC Strata

Richmond’s climate and effects on cedar fences

Regarding the often damp climate of the Richmond area, when choosing cedar fencing in Richmond for strata developments and homes, we highly recommend our Cambridge ‘flow-thru’ design. This revolutionary design allows rain and moisture to exit the base of the cedar fence, and allows the cedar to fully dry out. This design reduces rot and extends the life of your fence.  (Literally lasts double the lifespan of typical prefabricated panel fencing.) This particular style of fencing can be seen at many strata’s and residential homes throughout Richmond.

For more information on choosing a fence in Richmond, see our product galleries, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to help.

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