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Premium Fence is a Professional Vinyl Fence Installer that specializes in large scale strata fence replacement projects. We are an Authorized Independent Dealer in BC, Canada for Country Estate Fence.

Do you mind if your fence has a lot of flex? Or would you prefer to have a rigid fence that doesn’t give when pressure is applied… When it comes to vinyl fencing, there are many different levels of material thickness and profiles available.

We chose to partner with Country Estate fence because:

  • They have an extremely wide range of fence products to work with, and we can custom build your fence to suit your budget.
  • They are a well-established company like us- with over 30 years’ experience.
  • Fantastic customer service!

Call Premium Fence for a hassle-free experience with your strata’s vinyl fence project.

Four Colour Options





Four Finish Choices




Streaked & Embossed

New! Color Options







Vinyl Galleries

If you simply want a basic white vinyl fence that is relatively light duty and you can’t foresee it having to take a lot of abuse, we can definitely provide you with that…

However, Being focused on “Premium Products” we like to overbuild our fences a little… see our 2×7” horizontal rail profile is on the right here, with a standard 1.5×5.5” size to compare with on the left.

With products that are VMA certified, and installation by properly trained employees, you can sit back and relax while your strata’s fence is being replaced by our team.

We don’t have any minimum wage workers, we pay our employees well and give them a future and career! This not only enables us to stand behind our work, but it makes us feel good about providing proper employment for the community.

Feel free to browse thru our Fence Comparison Chart or try our online Fence Cost Calulator.

With this tool, you can literally draw a fence line around your property and see what any fence style, height, or color combination will cost!

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