Vinyl Picket & Ranch Fences

Picket fences are a functional and dramatic addition to most any front yard. Home owners love the look and appeal of a clean white vinyl picket fence. It gives the traditional look and feel of old world charm without the headaches of continued maintenance and upkeep. There are many styles and colours of vinyl picket fencing to choose from – find the one you like and tell us the photo number when requesting a quote.

Ranch rail style fences have traditionally been constructed with wood, which is still a slightly cheaper option than vinyl- but with wood prices going up, and the costs of continual painting/ repairing, the ultimate solution for this style of fencing is vinyl. We only use heavy-duty vinyl for this application due to the forces that animals may apply to the fence. Our rails are all locked into the posts with a crimped tab which cannot be slid out once inserted, and we glue all the caps on with pvc cement that is specifically designed for permanently bonding pvc surfaces.

To see more picket fence styles and specifications, click here to go to our supplier’s picket fence webpage.

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