Retaining Wall Installations

We specialize in high quality modular retaining wall systems. We are your go-to installation company for retaining walls at Stratas, High-End homes, and new Design-Build commercial construction projects. Our objective is to secure your property and create a safe, useable landscape which fulfils its potential.

The information below is provided to fully understand the considerations when installing a new retaining wall, or replacing an existing retaining wall.

Pressure Treated Timber

Pressure treated 6″ x 6″ timber retaining walls have been installed throughout Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island for decades. Correct installation is the KEY to making timber walls last their full lifespan, which is typically 25-30 years. This includes the use of horizontal tiebacks with deadmen (which secure the wall to the earth it is retaining), and effective drainage management. Use of soldier piles can also be incorporated to allow walls to be installed where there is minimal access, or where it is critical that the landscape behind the wall is not damaged.

Biggest Pro
Timber walls are THE MOST cost effective retaining walls
Biggest Con
Timber walls are limited to a 25-30 year lifespan.

Concrete Block

Concrete block retaining walls (the popular Allan Block walls), are the most commonly installed retaining wall system at new construction projects. Not only is it a proven effective method of retaining soil, but it has extreme versatility for conforming to landscape and architectural designs/layouts. It may be considered the most popular retaining wall system of the contemporary world. Concrete block walls also have many color and finish options, which provides great opportunity for an aesthetically pleasing landscape!

PLEASE NOTE: Correct installation is extremely necessary for this wall to last EVEN THOUGH it is concrete. If a gravel base is not packed enough, you will have sinking blocks. If an effective water management system is not put in place, hydrostatic pressure will build after rainfall and collapse an entire wall. Geogrid is the ‘tieback’ system for block walls, and it is primarily required for walls over 4′ high. Walls below 4′ high are typically constructed as gravity walls.

Biggest Pro
Concrete block walls are very versatile and will last a lifetime.
They are the best value for the money.
Biggest Con
Cost is almost double that of timber walls.

The Process

If you have retaining walls that need replacement, or if you need retaining walls you first need to determine the height of the new walls. If they are going to be over 4′ high, it is necessary to contact a Geo Technical Engineer, who will provide engineered drawings of the wall design, installation process and any special requirements for your specific geographical area.

If the walls are below 4′ high – CONTACT US

If the walls are above 4′ high – Reach out to a Geo Technical Engineering company for guidance and drawings.


If you have space to TERRACE the wall with segments no greater than 4′ high – CONTACT US

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