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Introducing Premium Fence Company of BC. The highest-rated, consumer choice fence replacement company in the Vancouver BC Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. Check out this video to learn more about us.

Should you repair or replace your cedar fence? Derek from Premium Fence Company of BC weighs the pros and cons of the continued repair and maintenance of cedar fences when compared to vinyl fencing solutions.

Derek from Premium Fence Company of British Columbia discusses the design differences of our hand-built cedar fencing options versus traditional prefabricated cedar fence panels.

Derek from Premium Fence Company of BC breaks down the differences between cedar fence styles and comparison versus vinyl fencing solutions. With many fencing options for homeowners and strata fencing solutions, there are a lot of bases to cover. We do our best to give clear and concise info.

Simon from Premium Fence Company of BC shows the importance of VMA certification of Vinyl construction materials vs the lower quality of ‘other brands’.

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