Should I wait for cedar fence pricing to drop?


Many clients ask us why their cedar fence quote has not decreased even though the news says lumber prices are falling. This article will address that concern.


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Why does cedar fence pricing not go down with commodity housing lumber?


Cedar is specialty lumber ideally suited for outdoor applications and the export market. Cedar is a scarce resource. It’s not as readily available as other lumber materials used to build houses. It has a market of its own and does not fluctuate up or down with the housing lumber market. The province also limits what we get, and if there are a lot of overseas buyers, the local buyers won’t have access to nearly as much.

Should I wait for cedar fence pricing to drop


How many times has the price gone up during the pandemic?


Premium Fence Co has had 11 price increases since May 2020. The price of Cedar has almost doubled since May of 2020. One of our senior project consultants has been with us for 31 years and has never seen Cedar’s price drop. He has only watched it go up and plateau for a time. The price of Cedar has plateaued since April of 2022, but we could see another increase during the Spring/Summer.


Should I wait it out? Will the price of Cedar eventually go down?


As we mentioned above, one of our senior project consultants has been in the business for 31 years and has never seen the price of Cedar go down. He has only seen it go up and plateau from time to time. We had stratas that said they would wait in 2020 and ended up paying much more for a Cedar Fence. Getting a budget quote for your project sooner rather than later would be wise.




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