Should my strata look at installing a concrete fence?

Many clients ask us about the pros and cons of installing a concrete fence at their strata. Concrete is an excellent option for certain applications at a strata. This article will address the advantages and disadvantages of concrete fencing.

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Should my strata look at installing a concrete fence?


A concrete fence is an excellent option for sound reduction.

Concrete is one of the best materials for noise reduction; you can achieve levels of reduction up to 38 dB when you install a concrete fence. This can reduce the noise of a busy street, public area (i.e. shopping mall/park), or construction happening on the other side of the fence by almost 50%. A concrete fence can reduce annoyance and sleep disturbance in your strata. The higher the fence, the better the sound blocking.

A concrete fence is an excellent option for security, raises property value and requires almost no maintenance.

A concrete fence will last decades, requiring no maintenance besides cleaning at your discretion. It’s difficult to break and vandalize. Graffiti can easily be painted over. Because of the functional aspects (strength, noise reduction and low maintenance requirements), a concrete fence will act as a feature and raise property values at your strata. People looking to buy at your strata could be enticed by the security of a concrete fence, especially if they have kids or pets.

Should my strata look at installing a concrete fence?


They aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing.

It’s no secret that a concrete fence will not provide the same aesthetic appeal that one could achieve with a fence made of Wood, Aluminum or even Vinyl. There are precast concrete panels with woodgrain patterns, and we can even install panels that look like stacked stone. Many of our clients still prefer the look of Wood, Vinyl and Aluminum to a concrete fence. Therefore a strata will usually choose a concrete fence because they are going for function over form.

They cost more.

Concrete fencing costs more to supply and install than traditional fencing styles such as vinyl or cedar. It has higher manufacturing and installation cost due to the weight of the product. Any concrete fence over 6’ high will require installation equipment as it is too heavy for an installer to handle manually.

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