Strata repair vs replacement case study.

Some strata’s that we work with feel that they cannot afford to replace their fence. They end up paying big money for repairs on an annual basis when they could simply just replace their fence in phases.

Here is an example of a strata that would save time and money simply by replacing their current fence in phases.

Burnaby strata facts:

1. They currently spend 30k a year on fence repairs.

2. Their property manager and council spends lots of time fielding complaints and identifying problems with the fence.

3. The repairs are often inefficient and only act as a band-aid It is not uncommon for those same areas to become a problem year over year.

4. The fence is unsightly, the repairs give the fence an inconsistent look between new material and old material.

Old Fence

Our Solution:

We provided them with a fence replacement proposal and suggested that they start replacing the fence in phases starting with the worst area, in doing so they will be using their repair budget for a long-term fix in the form of a fence replacement.

Why is this so advantageous?

1. It did not cost the strata any more money.

2. The phase of the fence they had replaced never has to be repaired again because they chose to go with Vinyl.

3. The property manager and council members no longer have to field complaints or spend valuable time looking for problem areas on the fence that required repairs.

4. The fence enhances the curb appeal of the building and drives up property value as a result.

Here is what the result could resemble, respond to this email if you have any questions or would like to request a quote:

Vinyl Privacy Fence.

We hope you found this case study to be helpful. Feel free to call or email us with any questions that you may have pertaining to a full fence replacement for your Strata and a member of our support team will be happy to assist you. We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. We care about our clients and are genuinely grateful for their business.

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