Let’s talk about some of the advantages pertaining to our cedar fence options here at Premium Fence Company. We are based in Vancouver British Columbia.

Here in the lower mainland, we get heavy rains from October to April, and with the conventional cedar fence design the water gets trapped. We call it a rot trough.

This causes the bottom of these vertical boards to rot out quickly, and then fall out. So, our solution is the overlap flow through option. The rain goes to the bottom and flows right through!

Cedar Fence Flow Through.

It lasts longer as a fence and the property is better served. Although we are happy to do either style, we feel responsible to let you know why we have these options, so that you can help your strata make a better choice.

We have identified two problems that strata presidents and property managers have to deal with on an ongoing basis:

  1. Unexpected maintenance.
  2. Resident/Tenant complaints.

These two usually go hand in hand. We decided to look through that lens and come up with fence solutions that could help minimize those issues.

We understand that this endeavor is not cheap but the next time you’re talking to your strata president/council about fence repairs, please shine some light on these points pertaining to overlap flow through cedar fencing as they are worth looking into.

If you’re curious about pricing please use our fence cost calculator. Please reach out if you would like a free quote on replacing a section of a fence or a full fence.

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