The Essential Three People On Your Strata Council:

A strata is made up of many people but the three roles we are about to go over pertain to serving the residents, they carry large responsibilities.

  1. President: This role is an executive position responsible for operating the community successfully. The strata president chairs the AGM (Annual General Meeting) and sets the agenda for that meeting as well. The strata president is also responsible for maintaining order and keeping the discussion relevant at the AGM. If you are elected to be Strata President then you will be responsible for the daily execution of the strata’s business and you will be the primary council and point of contact for the Strata Manager! Any member of the council can be elected to be Strata President usually by way of a majority vote.


  1. Strata Council: This is the managing body for the strata corporation, this group of individuals is responsible for making decisions that allow the strata corporation to operate smoothly on a daily basis. They operate according to regulations, rules, and bylaws, or a majority vote of the owners.


  1. Strata Manager: This is a licensed professional that works for a property or strata management company. They prepare for meetings, handle paperwork, arrange maintenance and hire out for qualified services such as fence replacements. The Strata Manager also records minutes, advises on asset management, places insurance, keeps financial accounts, and much more. They work directly with the Strata Council and Strata President.


We are sure that there are other roles that are critical pertaining to the management and maintenance of an amazing Strata but these are the big 3 that own most of the responsibility. We wanted to ensure you had a complete understanding of each role. You may be moving into a Strata or starting out in one of these roles yourself. We wanted to write this article to serve as an easy-to-understand guide and/or summary pertaining to these three essential roles.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry.

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