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Premium Fence Inc has been in business since 1985. We have been trusted by over 5200 strata’s since then, and we plan on doing many more strata fence replacement projects over the next 35 years. We decided to specialize and narrow our focus to strata fence projects in 2021. This means that we are no longer taking on residential projects. We will honour any warranty work that needs to be done as per our previous agreements. However, we wanted to take a moment to write a short article regarding what materials we recommend for your strata fence replacement project and where you should look if you are looking to find a quality residential fence contractor.

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We have done many Vinyl projects for our clients over the last couple of years. More and more strata’s are swapping out their old cedar fences for a vinyl fence, and as a result, they get an aesthetically pleasing fence that enhances curb appeal. At the same time, that will also save them tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance fees over the years. This will be one less thing to impact their strata fees negatively.


Even though vinyl is becoming more popular, many strata’s still go with cedar because they like the look. Cedar can be an excellent fence option if installed correctly and maintained. Our overlap flow-through design will ensure rain goes to the bottom and flows right through! This will extend the life of any cedar fence and keep it looking great for years to come.

Even though Cedar is resilient, durable, and beautiful, there is still some work required to ensure that your cedar fence will stand the test of time and remain structurally sound for as long as possible.


We believe that aluminum fencing is the best metal fencing option on the market; it will provide excellent strength and durability and require no maintenance besides cleaning at your discretion. We say at your discretion because, unlike steel, aluminum doesn’t rust. Aluminum is also resistant to corrosion because it has no iron in its composition, so there is no iron to oxidize and rust.


A concrete fence will last decades, requiring no maintenance besides cleaning at your discretion. It’s difficult to break and vandalize. Concrete is one of the best materials for noise reduction; you can achieve levels of reduction up to 38 dB when you install a concrete fence. This can reduce the noise of a busy street, public area (i.e. shopping mall/park), or construction happening on the other side of the fence by almost 50%. We wrote an article that goes much more in-depth on the benefits of installing a concrete fence.

Where to find a great residential fence contractor:

Every year at Premium Fence company, we meet with many clients. We typically specialize in full strata fence replacement projects, but we often receive calls about residential jobs that we just don’t have the capacity to service any longer. We are often asked if there are other fence companies we could recommend for these smaller homeowner projects. We have written articles that cover the best residential fence contractors in each area we service. Click the links below if you’d like to read those.

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We hope you found this post to be helpful. Feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have about a total fence replacement for your strata, and a member of our support team will be happy to assist you. We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. We care about our clients and are genuinely grateful for their business. Thank you for reading this.

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