Top 5 signs it is time to replace your cedar fence

While the Lower Mainland is often referred to as one of the most beautiful places in the world to live, it also carries the reputation of having some of the greatest weather changes as well. From hot and dry summers to record breaking wet and windy winters, the elements can have an impact on your cedar fence.

There are signs to watch out for when deciding whether your fence needs a repair or a replacement. A well-built and well-maintained fence should last anywhere from 15 to 25 years, but with windstorms, rain and moisture from both the air and ground, checking your fence on a regular basis is a good idea to ensure the safety, security and look of your property.

Here are some handy guidelines that you should follow when checking the condition of your cedar fence.

Start by giving it the once over – Inspect your cedar fence for damage:

Your own eyes don’t lie. There are always external signs that your fence may just be in the need or a repair or replacement. Look for any indications such as, boards that are rotting, discolored or have fallen or appear to be falling out. Loose nails or screws and boards that are falling out or missing are pretty good indicators that it may be time to give Premium Fence Company a call.

Always check from the ground up as most moisture, the number one enemy of any wooden fence will generally come from the ground.

Give your cedar fence posts a good old shake:

Shaking the posts or applying a bit of pressure is a great way to identify if the base is rotting. Ground moisture can create rot that we don’t often notice until it is too late. When one fence post is starting to rot, the others will not be far behind. One loose post can also put strain on the fence and put the whole structure at risk of a collapsed section or even the whole fence.

Take a sharp object and poke it:

This is an easy to way to check if the wood in both the posts or the boards themselves are soft and in need of replacement. Use a pen, a nail or any other sharp object (don’t hurt yourself!) and poke periodically into places that appear to show signs of rot or discoloration and if it sinks in, you just may have some rot on your hands.


A leaning fence is usually a broken fence:

Unlike a famous tower in Italy, the only attention a leaning fence will give you may be from the neighbors. If you notice that your fence is leaning, it is time to call in the experts.

When in doubt, call the fence replacement professionals!

We here at Premium Fence Company, want you to have complete piece of mind when it comes to your fencing needs. If you find any of the signs of wear and tear, or you just may not recall when the last time you had you had your fence repaired or replaced, we will always be happy to come down to your property, be it residential or strata and do a free inspection and a free estimate.

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