Vinyl Fence FAQ

Why choose a PVC/Vinyl fence?

  • Vinyl/PVC is warranted for life and does not require any paints, stains, maintenance or replacement.

What are the most popular PVC/Vinyl fence styles?

  • PVC/Vinyl is made in all of the most popular lumber dimensions. This allows us to recreate the look of wood but leave the maintenance, and eventual replacement, behind.

What makes Premium Fence Co’s PVC/Vinyl different?

  • Premium Fence only uses PVC/Vinyl products that are manufactured by the oldest, most established vinyl fence companies in the world.
  • We use oversize rails and posts which make for a much stiffer and more desirable fence.
  • We only use PVC/Vinyl made from Virgin Vinyl materials. Many manufacturers use reground vinyl, which is cheaper and far less resilient.

How long does a PVC/Vinyl fence last?

  •  In a typical back yard application, any of these styles can look great for more than 25 or 30 years with very minor maintenance (washing once or twice per year).

What is PVC/Vinyl made from?

  • Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Salt are the main raw materials used in the production of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC/Vinyl).

How is PVC/Vinyl made?

  • PVC/Vinyl powder (Resin) is blended, with all the required ingredients, into a formulation that is called compound.
  • Compound is fed into an extruder, with the proper amount of heat, pressure and mixing via screws in the extruder, and the compound becomes malleable vinyl.
  • Malleable vinyl is then fed through a die in the shape of the finished profile and water is used to cool the vinyl into it’s final rigid state.

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