Case Study: Vinyl Fencing for Coquitlam townhome complex

Step into the world of strata fencing, in this blog we review a compelling case study, focused on a Coquitlam townhome complex. The journey of upgrading a townhome community with vinyl fencing, highlighting the reasons behind its popularity and the impact it has had on the residents. Discover the details of successful strata fencing replacement in this insightful case study.

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Time for a fence replacement

The residents at Farrington Park on Burke Mountain in Coquitlam decided it was time for a new fence replacement. The situation had reached a critical point as the repair complaints began to pile up, and it became evident that the once-sturdy fence was deteriorating rapidly. 

Why did they choose Vinyl Fencing?

The property manager from Tribe Management company reached out to us to request a quote on behalf of the council members at Farrington Park.

For this townhome fence replacement project, there was a lot of picket fencing needed so we recommended they choose a vinyl fence as their solution. PVC Vinyl is an excellent choice as it will last longer than a wood fence and it needs very little maintenance.

The residents chose our “Missouri” style picket fence style and gray colour with a woodgrain finish that matched well with their English Cotswold-style architecture.

5 reasons why they chose vinyl fencing 

  1. A maintenance-free solution – They chose vinyl fencing for its maintenance-free nature, offering long-lasting durability and minimal upkeep. With vinyl fencing, homeowners can enjoy its beauty without the need for constant maintenance, providing convenience and lasting appeal.
  2. Style and colours: The choice of vinyl fencing style and colours proved to be the perfect fit as it effortlessly complemented the elegant picket fence aesthetic they desired, harmonizing flawlessly with their English Cotswold-style architecture. The gray colour palette and woodgrain finish selected added a touch of sophistication and seamlessly blended with the overall charm of their townhome complex.
  3. Long-lasting fencing solution – The decision to choose vinyl fencing was driven by its reputation as a long-lasting fencing solution. The exceptional durability and resistance to elements such as rot, decay, and insect damage made it a compelling choice. The robust construction and UV-resistant properties of vinyl fencing were key factors in its selection, as they ensured that the fence could endure years of exposure to harsh weather conditions. Homeowners sought a reliable and enduring fencing option for their properties, and vinyl fencing emerged as the ideal solution to meet their needs.
  4. Longest Warranty: The decision to choose vinyl fencing was further reinforced by the longest warranty in the industry, an impressive 50-year guarantee. This substantial warranty not only instilled confidence in the product’s quality and durability but also provided our townhome complex with long-term protection and investment security. With such a remarkable warranty, we were assured that our USA-made product would stand the test of time, making it a clear and compelling choice for our community’s needs.
  5. Privacy and Picket Fence Combination: They opted for vinyl fencing due to the perfect combination of picket and privacy styles, which seamlessly complemented each other. The cohesive blend of these fencing styles added a touch of elegance and versatility to the whole strata property, enhancing both aesthetic appeal and functional privacy.

Swift Installation: Completing a Vinyl Fencing Project for an 85-Unit Complex in Just 13 Days

We successfully completed this fence install for this 85-unit complex, encompassing 4042 linear feet of fencing, within a remarkable timeframe of just 13 days!

We were chosen for the installation based on our large company size and the number of expert crews at our disposal, enabling us to complete the project swiftly. As dedicated vinyl fencing installation experts, we prioritize understanding our customers’ needs and wants, paying meticulous attention to detail, and delivering exceptional customer care throughout the entire process.

Satisfied homeowners with a new vinyl fencing project

The strata owners were thrilled with the completed fencing project, appreciating the improved security and overall satisfaction it brought to their property.

Check out the photos below and see for yourself! 

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