Who are the best residential fence companies on Vancouver Island?

Every year at Premium Fence company, we meet with many clients on Vancouver Island. We typically specialize in full strata fence replacement projects, but we often receive calls about residential jobs that we don’t have the capacity to take on anymore. We are often asked if there are other fence companies we could recommend for these smaller homeowner projects. We decided to take this opportunity to produce a list of the best companies on Vancouver Island for residential fence projects.

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Sparrow Fence:

Patrick and his team are punctual, professional, and responsive. Their commitment to quality is admirable. Sparrow Fence can do custom, residential, chain-link, and commercial fence projects. Our favourite jobs that we have seen them do are their SLEEKFENCE™ aluminum fence projects.

Here is an excellent aluminum fence project done by Sparrow Fence. You can read the rest of the case study on the SLEEKFENCE™ website.

This client wanted their fence to accommodate this beautiful tree in their yard. Luckily the SLEEKFENCE™ modular fence system is very customizable. Sparrow Fence came up with a great solution; they cut a square-shaped hole in the center of the fence to accommodate the tree.

Sparrow Fence.

Miller Fence & Deck:

Reece and Maitri work hard to ensure their team at Miller Fence & Deck is operating on the highest standard of quality, professionalism, and integrity. They can do cedar, bamboo, chain link, steel, aluminum, and custom fence projects. Here is some information from the Miller fence website.

From Miller Fence & Deck About Page:

My wife and I came out here in 2015 on a mini-holiday searching for our next career, after both of us had been laid off from the Oil & Gas sector. When we got here, we saw an advertisement in kijiji about a local fence company for sale. I have always had an interest in building, and it was always a hobby of mine to build things in my time off. I grew up in southern Alberta on an acreage just east of Lethbridge. So I had lots of experience helping my dad growing up with fences and general farm/acreage type duties. Anyways, we took the plunge and purchased the business in 2015, and I immediately hooked up our RV and moved out to Victoria, while my pregnant wife remained in Calgary to get our house ready for sale. Looking back, I’ll have to admit that year is a bit of a blurr, as we moved here, sold and bought a house, bought a business, and welcomed our newborn twins in December. This all occurred in less than 6 months!

Now it’s 2019, and our business has grown from a one person show, to a team of excellent guys. We work as a team and ensure we give our best to each job. While I don’t claim to be the cheapest out there, we do honest and quality work, at competitive prices.

Here is a Wood Fence that Miller Fence & Deck built:

Miller Fence & Deck


These are two companies that we consider to be fine choices for your residential fence project. If you know a strata that requires a full fence replacement then please don’t hesitate to contact us as that is our specialty. We hope you found this helpful.

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