Why are strata fence replacement projects unique?

Why are strata fence replacement projects unique

The building of the fence may be the same, but the process is very unique as a strata project is 10x or 20x times the size of a residential project and involves a lot more decision-makers and a formal process that needs to be followed.

In a strata title or strata scheme, ownership of a property is divided into individual lots, which are then jointly owned by all the owners in the scheme. In such a scenario, the responsibility for maintaining and repairing the common property, which includes the boundary structures, is shared among all the owners.

A strata fence project, therefore, involves coordinating with the strata management or corporate body to ensure that the project meets all the requirements and regulations of the strata scheme. This may involve obtaining approvals from the relevant authorities, complying with the strata by-laws, and ensuring that the work is carried out in a manner that minimizes disruption to other owners in the scheme.

On the other hand, a residential project involves working on a property that is owned by an individual or family and is not subject to a strata title or scheme. In such a scenario, the owner has complete control over the property and can carry out renovations or repairs without needing to coordinate with other owners or comply with any specific strata regulations.

What is the process for a residential fence replacement project?

For a residential project, there are usually only 1-2 decision-makers for a new fence, often the cost is split between 2 neighbours, and the fence style, height and design decision is arrived at quickly. Once the homeowners are ready to go ahead with the project, we schedule the project for a time that works for the homeowners and our installers.

Usually, the residential fence installation process only takes 2-4 weeks for decision-making and 1-3 days for fence installation.

What is the process for a residential fence replacement project

What is the process for a strata fence replacement project?

The process for a strata fence replacement is complex due to the fact that there are many owners involved.

The strata will reach out to us for a quote by either one of their strata council members or by their property manager requesting a quote for fence replacement.

One of our estimators will book a site visit to meet someone on-site to review the site conditions, and scope of the project and take measurements to prepare a quote. We will also review sample options and discuss the pros and cons of each fence type to provide strata council members with enough information to make an informed decision.

A formal quote is then sent to the property manager and strata council to review. The quote will include several different prices for each different fence type or style they are considering.

The council will then present it to the owners at an AGM or SGM and our fence experts will often attend the meeting to answer any questions. Following the presentation, the project will then get voted on by everyone attending the meeting to decide if the project will go ahead or not.

Once the project is approved, we work together with the council to schedule the project. Sometimes the project is broken into a couple of phases if the strata cannot afford to do the whole project at one time.

The process for a strata fence replacement project often takes up to a year for decision-making and 1-3 weeks for the installation process.

All strata projects must be completed in accord with the BC strata fence regulations.

What does Premium Fence offer that is unique to the strata project process?

Strata Experience

Premium Fence has been trusted by over  5200 stratas since 1985 so our team has extensive experience in understanding the reviewing and approval process of large strata projects. Check out our 5-star google rating, google reviews and testimonial video on our website.

Proven Strata Process

Our estimators understand the frustrations of the individual owners as well as the council and we have developed a proven process to help the council and owners make an informed decision. During the process, we provide customized videos about your project and adapt to your budget with creative payment plans.

Expert Installation Team

We have the largest team of trained, experienced fence installers in BC. We have the capacity to do a large project in a short amount of time. We also have the capacity to respond to the resident’s inquiries quickly.  We can remove and install your new strata fence efficiently and effectively in only a  few weeks. Each owner’s fence will only be down for less than 4 days. This is offering is unique to Premium Fence as we have such a large, trained installation team. Our installers want to give you the best experience as we rely on positive customer feedback, as seen in our google reviews.

Premium Fence Company - Team

What does the process look like if I use a small contractor for my large-scale strata project?

A small fence company may have an excellent portfolio and build excellent long-lasting fences with competitive pricing but they usually don’t have the capacity to complete the project efficiently. With a small contractor, the project tends to drag on for a long period of time, creating a permanent construction zone for the residents. All inquiries from residents will have a much longer response rate, and any long-term issues or warranty requests are at the mercy of their busy schedules. A small contractor may lack experience in the large-scale strata project approval process and will not be able to offer the resources needed, especially when the approval process gets pushed out a year or two.

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We hope you found this article to be helpful. Feel free to call or contact us with any questions you may have about fence replacement for your strata, and a member of our support team will be happy to assist you. We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. We care about our clients and are genuinely grateful for their business. Thank you for reading this.

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