Many Strata’s are fixated on looking at the initial project cost. There are many more variables that need to be considered when making a decision such as the long-term costs pertaining to a certain kind of material. The graph we have included below illustrates the long-term costs of maintaining a wood fence vs maintaining a vinyl fence.

Vinyl vs Wood Long Term Costs

We love the look of cedar but we wanted to make sure that you’re well informed so that you can give the best recommendations to your strata council. Cedar costs more in maintenance because you have to stain it every 3-5 years. Re-staining 20 sections of wood fencing every 5 years costs $2080, and in our experience, every time you re-stain the fence you’re rarely able to do it without making just a few minor repairs to the wood due to the wear and tear damage that happens from kids, pets, balls, gardeners, and the elements. Balls don’t crack Heavy Duty VMA approved vinyl fences.

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