Why Pro Fence Contractors use the 2×7 Vinyl Fence Rail

When it comes to building a fence that stands the test of time, the choice of materials is critical. One key component that can make or break the durability of your fence is the rails.

At Premium Fence, we understand the importance of a strong, supportive rail, which is why we offer a 2” x 7” rail that stands out in the market. Here’s why our 2” x 7” rail is the heavy-duty solution that outperforms the standard regular-duty vinyl fence rail.

2x7 vinyl fence rail comparisosn

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Enhanced Support Against Sagging

Think of the 2” x 7” rail like the sturdy bed rail that supports your mattress. Just as a bed rail keeps your mattress from sagging, our 2×7 rail provides superior support for all the panels in your fence. This enhanced support minimizes sagging, ensuring that your fence remains straight and stable over time.

Stronger Load-Bearing Capability
Compared to standard rails, our 2” x 7” rail is designed to handle heavier loads. The increased size offers more surface area for distributing weight, making it a stronger load-bearing option. This means your fence can support more weight without compromising its structural integrity.

2x7 Vinyl Fence Rail

Enhanced Durability with Extra and Thicker Ribs Inside
A key feature that sets our 2” x 7” rail apart is the inclusion of extra and thicker ribs. While regular duty rails often feature only one rib and measure 1.5 x 5.5 inches, our heavy-duty rails are built to last with reinforced ribs that provide additional strength and support.

U-Channel Reinforcement
Our 2” x 7” rail also includes a U-channel with reinforcement in the center. This design element adds another layer of durability, preventing premature sagging and ensuring that the panels remain securely in place. The U-channel reinforcement is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of your fence over the long term.

Protection Against Premature Sagging and Wind Damage
One of the common issues with regular duty vinyl fencing is that it can start to sag prematurely, often within 10 years. Sagging can cause panels to come loose and make the structure weaker and more prone to wind damage. Our 2” x 7” rail is specifically engineered to combat these problems, providing a solution that is bold, strong, and durable.

2x7 Vinyl Fence Rail 2x7 Vinyl Fence Rail

Superior to Regular Duty Vinyl Fencing Options
There are many cheaper vinyl fencing options available, typically labeled as regular duty with a 1.5 x 5.5 inches rail. These options might seem attractive due to their lower cost, but they often lack the durability and strength of our 2×7 rail. Regular duty fences are more prone to sagging, wind damage, and structural failure, leading to higher long-term costs and frequent repairs. Choosing our heavy-duty 2×7 rail ensures you’re investing in a product that offers superior performance and longevity.

Long-Term Solution with a 50-Year Warranty

We believe in the durability and quality of our products. That’s why our ESTATELINE™️ vinyl fencing comes with an impressive 50-year product warranty, far surpassing the 10-year warranties offered by many competitors. Our 2×7 rail is engineered as a long-term solution, built to endure the test of time and provide you with peace of mind. With Estateline, you can be confident that your fence will remain strong and stable for decades, offering unmatched reliability and performance.

The Heavy-Duty Rail You’ve Been Asking For
In summary, the 2×7 rail from ESTATELINE™️ is the heavy-duty solution that offers superior support, increased load-bearing capacity, and enhanced durability. With features like extra and thicker ribs and U-channel reinforcement, it’s designed to prevent premature sagging and withstand wind damage.

Visit our Fence Shop to see the ESTATELINE™️  products.

ESTATELINE™️ Vinyl Fence with 2x7 rail

Vinyl Fence with 2×7 rail

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